Journal of Education & Social Policy

ISSN 2375-0782 (Print) 2375-0790 (Online) DOI: 10.30845/jesp

Vol. 2, No. 6; December 2015

Table of Contents
Creating Meaningful Co-Curricular Experiences in Higher Education
Ashley E. Stirling, Ph.D; Gretchen A. Kerr, Ph.D
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Reducing the Over-Identification of Children from Culturally Linguistically Diverse Backgrounds through RtI
Yanhui Pang
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Twenty-Six Years of Changes in Education Students’ Attitudes
Mary Lynn Crow, Mohan D. Pant
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Military Veterans as Intercultural Educators
Ernest Luke McClees Jr.
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Professional Learning Communities: Empowering Teacher Leaders for the Twenty-First Century
Ervin F. Sparapani, Danielle R. MacKay, David G. Fuchs, Paul J. Voydanoff, Shannon M. Pietras, Nicole M. Rogers
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Collaboration Practices between Special Education Teachers and Mainstream Teachers in Secondary Education
Aikaterini Venianaki (PhD), Stylianos Zervakis
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Elderly Dwellers of Urban and Rural Areas and the Access to the Education: The Case of the Rio Pardo Valley
Silvia Virginia Coutinho Areosa, Carine Guterres Cardoso, Deise Gabriela Frantz Nagel, Iva Selmira Viebrantz
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“Listening to ELT Teachers’ Voices: Perceptions of Personal Professional Development in Relation to Their Gender, Teaching Experience and Institutions”
Fatma Seyma Dogan, Oktay Yagiz
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The Effect of Experiential Learning Approach on the Students’ Performance in Filipino
Arlene C. Dolotallas, Ph.D.; Juan A. Nagtalon, Ph.D.
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An Empirical Analysis of Investment and the Determinant of Unit Cost in Nigerian Higher Education System
Sani Ahmed
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Social Policy and Social Planning in Czechoslovakia and the Role of Social Work in Enterprises
Marie Špilácková
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Behind Invisibility and Silence – New Encryption of Female Contribution to Knowledge in Montenegro
Ervina Dabižinovic
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Domain of Communication Skills in Generic Teachers’ Competency: England, Ireland, Australia, Canada and Turkey
Filiz METE
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