Journal of Education & Social Policy

ISSN 2375-0782 (Print) 2375-0790 (Online) DOI: 10.30845/jesp

The “Cr-EAT-Ive Schools Feasibility Study”: Aiming to Reduce Food Waste by Implementing Relevant Actions including the Completion of Food Waste Diaries by Kindergarten Families
Eleni Tympa, Vasiliki Karavida, Theodora Pashali, Zisis Psyrropoulos

Cr-EAT-ive Schools Feasibility Study is a research-based innovative project which aims to reduce food waste. In order to conduct the study, a pilot action was implemented to public and private Kindergarten, which involved headmasters, teachers, parents and canteen staff. The key-aspect of this pilot action was the parents’ volunteering two-week completion of diaries which record the food waste per family. This paper highlights this exact part of the pilot action and, subsequently, of the whole study, because its results consist the first Greek Food Waste data per household level with children.

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