Journal of Education & Social Policy

ISSN 2375-0782 (Print) 2375-0790 (Online) DOI: 10.30845/jesp

In-Service Training Opportunities Provided for Business Educators for Improving Job Performance in Secondary Schools in Delta State
Godwin Onnoh Onajite PhD

This study examined in-service training programme opportunities provided for business educators for improving their job performance in secondary schools in Delta State. Three research questions guided the study. The study employed descriptive survey research design. Population of this study consisted of 2,100 business educators within 448 public secondary schools in Anambra State. Sample size of this study constituted a total of 630 business educators selected from 448 public secondary schools using the proportionate stratified random sampling technique. A 24-item researchers’ self-developed questionnaire titled “In-service Training Opportunities Questionnaire (ISTOQ)” arranged into three (3) clusters, and structured on 4 point scale which weighted as follows: (a) Strongly Agree (SA) - 4, Agree (A) - 3, Disagree (D) - 2, Strongly Disagree (SD) – 1, was used as the main instrument for data collection in this study. The research instrument was validated by three experts and reliability determined through a pilot test which yielded an internal consistency reliability value of 0.82, showing that the instrument was trustworthy in collecting the necessary information for the study. Method of data collection involved a direct and hand delivery contact with the respondents. Data collated were analyzed using the mean score and standard deviation. The findings of this study revealed others that induction training, on-the-job and off-the-job in-services training opportunities were not appropriately provided for business educators in the secondary schools in Delta State in order to guarantee or ensure their job performances. From the findings of this study, recommendations were proffered and among them were that principals should ensure that newly employed business educators/teachers always undergo appropriate induction training programmes in order to boost their job performances. This includes that induction training programmes like specific orientation, physical tour around the school premises, short seminars and the school’s handbook/pamphlet which describes the general philosophy, goals and objectives of the schools should highly be encouraged in the school for increased performances. On-the-job training opportunities should be highly provided for business educators by their principals including the State Government and the Delta State Post Primary Education Board (PPEB).

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