Journal of Education & Social Policy

ISSN 2375-0782 (Print) 2375-0790 (Online) DOI: 10.30845/jesp

Romanian Special Educators’ Attitudes toward Students with Disabilities
Luminita Hartle, Ed.D; MarkZablocki, Ph.D; Sharon Doubet, Ph.D; Amanda Quesenberry, Ph.D

This study examined the attitudes of Romanian special education teachers toward educating students with disabilities. Specifically, the study focused on revealing possible differences in teachers’ attitudes based on their educational background and teaching experience. A total of 82 special educators were surveyed. The results showed that their attitudes toward students with disabilities varied. However, there was a slight difference between special educators with less experience and those who graduated from a pedagogical college, with college graduates having more positive attitudes. Participants also believed that students with disabilities can learn in general education settings when provided with appropriate supports.

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