Journal of Education & Social Policy

ISSN 2375-0782 (Print) 2375-0790 (Online) DOI: 10.30845/jesp

The Content of Collaboration between General Education Teachers and Co- Teachers in Elementary Schools
Aikaterini Venianaki, Ph.D; Athina Doulia, Ph.D

The necessity of collaboration between general education teachers and co-teachers is required in order to achieve inclusion. The purpose of this study is to investigate the content of collaboration between general education teachers and co-teachers in the same classroom in the Elementary School. Twenty-two general education teachers (Ν=22) and thirty- eight co-teachers (Ν=38) were asked through questionnaires with openended questions about the collaboration content. In addition, semi-structured interviews with four co-teachers and general education teachers were conducted and analyzed. The qualitative analysis has revealed three main categories about collaboration content: (a) Inclusive practices, such as co-teaching, common effort in planning, common goal determination. (b) Co-working into the classroom and (c) Co-existence into the classroom. The majority of the teachers collaborate, up to a certain extent. What is primarily needed is positive attitudes on behalf of teachers about collaborative practices and educational structural reforms with a view to removing any kind of obstacles.

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